A few years ago, I used to put out about two garbage sacks of trash per week.  Like most folks, my trash can saw all the waste.  What a waste!

Currently we are at about half a bag per week.  I didn’t start composting because I thought that the environment would like it.  I started because, well, we had already began with the gardens.  Once we began looking at compostable materials as something useful and not waste, we found an over abundance.  More than we could stick in the keyhole gardens.

We’ve got a yuck bucket that food waste goes into in the house.  We now get the paper sacks at the grocery store.  We use those sacks for any and all compostable dry waste. Heck, I even started collecting all of my paper waste at work and feeding the compost.  And all that goes into the compost bin, aside from what goes into the keyhole gardens.

I made a simple 4′ x 4′ plywood bin, from lumber I had, to hold our compost in our garden area.  We water it, and leave it alone to do its thing.




The little fig tree likes being next to the compost bin.





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