My second Keyhole Garden

I enjoyed the first keyhole garden so much that I decided to construct another one.

For this one, I did a little research, and decided to go with pallets.  There were enough places giving away free pallets, that I had them in no time.  If you go with pallets please check out pallet safety, and which pallets to use or not use.  I found some good info from 1001 pallets website here – pallet safety

So I just started to build this thing out of pallets.

I didn’t like the look of the first configuration.  It was to tall to use the full pallets.  I would have had to use lots of material to get it to the top.  So I cut the pallets in half.

That worked much better.  After I got the layout of the pallets, and had them nailed together, I began to fill it.  I used cardboard, leaves, paper, old hay, sticks, etc.

For this one, I used the one keyhole, and had it notched where we could access it easily.

I used cardboard to line the inside of the pallets so that the dirt wouldn’t come pouring out.

We have fed this one the same as the other, food scraps, paper, lint, etc. We keep it watered, and water the hole, and the plants seem to like it.

This year the tomato plants have seemed to have a hard time.  The squash (zucchini and crooked neck) are growing well.  We have okra, cantaloupe, and cucumber in this one also.

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